System requirements:

    Download the client here.

    Getting started

      After you have downloaded the client, opening it should look like this:

      Select register:

      Fill out the required information, then select Register. For Steam ID 64, you can visit here or click the maginfying glass in client. Remember that having more than one account will result in an immediate ban!

      After registering, you should automatically log into the client. You will see a list of leagues on the left. You will automatically join the most available league of your selected region.

      Leagues that are disabled are grayed out. This means you do not have enough access to enter them. If you want access, you will need to request a vouch on the forums. For other leagues, you can simply join them by right-clickign them and clicking join or double clicking them. Once you are in the league, you can see the active games and channel information:

      It is strongly recommended that after logging in successfully, you go to the User->Settings option to customize your IXDL experience:

    Playing games

      You can sign up for any pending game by double clicking on it, or typing the Sign command (".s", without quotes). Alternatively, you can create your own game by selecting the New Game option and choosing a game mode:

      Players can then sign up for your game, and you can start with the Confirm (".confirm") command:

      Once you are in game, the hostbots will host the game for you, the lobby password is automatically copied to your clipboard:

      Once the game has concluded, the hostbots should automatically result it, but in the event that they don't, be sure to submit your vote in the Winner column.

      After the game has ended, players will receive updated player stats:


      Teams allow for groups of players to play together in team leauges as well as have their own private chat room.

      • Any player can create and join as many teams as he wishes.
      • Team names and abbreviations must be unique. Team abbreviations can be from 1-6 characters, alphanumeric only. There is no restriction on team names.
      You can create a team with the Teams->Create Team menu option at the top:

      You can manage your teams in the Teams->My Teams menu option at the top:

      Team officers and owners can invite players, remove players, reset team league stats and disband the team in the Manage Team menu:

    Team Leagues

      Team leagues work very similar to individual leagues. The main difference is that in team leagues, you are representing a team, instead of yourself. You can choose which team you are currently representing in the top right corner of a team league:

      In order to start matches with your team, you must challenge a willing player (.cl name -- full command list can be found here), then have the rest of your team sign up for the game. The game will automatically start when 5 players from each team have signed:

    Useful links