Players have the option of creating their own league within the IXDL client. Leagues can created for any game (Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, CS:GO, etc). Software customization is possible, for a setup fee.


    • Customized private league.
    • Optional subforum on IXDL website.


    • $0.20 per user per month (after $50 or 250 users, users are unlimited)
    • Minimum user limit: 25


    • Hostbot (Dota 2 only): $10/month
    • MMR Vouch Bot (Dota 2 only): $5/month
    • Subforum on IXDL website: $0
    • Software customizations: (case-by-case one-time setup fee)
      Users are purchased in advance, ex: if you want 100 players in your league, with the hostbot, the total cost would be $30 per month.


      IXDL staff members are not involved with your league, you can run the league any way you prefer. You are responsible for your own staff and users.

      All fees must be paid in advance and via PayPal. There are no refunds for private leagues and there are no free trials. You can add more users to your league at any time.


      If you have any questions or are ready to set up your league, you can contact me on the forums here. Alternatively, you can email me here.

      League setup time is about 15 minutes after all payment and league related information has been processed.