Useful links

    Where can I download IXDL?

    • The download list can be found here.

    Does IXDL work on Macs?

    • No. There is no Mac support at this time.

    What is my username and password on the IXDL forum?

    • Your username and password will be the same as your IXDL client login name and password.

    Can I play in any region regardless of my location?

    • Yes, you can play anywhere, in however many leagues that you want. Each league records its own stats. However, each league also has its own default server, so be careful of lag.

    Where can I see all of the commands?

    • The command list can be found here.

    What's the difference between individual and team leagues?

    • Individual leagues are leagues where players play by themselves for their own individual rating.
    • Team leagues are leagues where teams can challenge other teams for a collective team rating. There is no individual rating in team leagues.

    How do teams work?

    • Teams allow for groups of players to play together in team leagues as well as have their own private chat room.
    • Any player can create and join as many teams as he wishes.
    • Team names and abbreviations must be unique. Team abbreviations can be from 1-6 characters, alphanumeric only. There is no restriction on team names.

    What are the different game modes?

    • Start Game (SG) - 10 players sign up and teams are balanced by rating.
    • Blind Start Game (BSG) - 10 players sign up and teams are balanced by rating. Player names are not shown during the signup phase.
    • Player Draft (PD) - Any number of players can sign up, and the two highest rated players become captains and choose their own teams.
    • Challenge (CL) - One player challenges another player, and these two players are the captains. Any number of players can sign up and the captains choose their own teams.

    How do points work?

    • At the end of a game, the team who wins will gain points and the team who loses will lose points.
    • Players with higher rating will win less points and lose more points. Conversely, players with lower points will lose less points and win more points.
    • Points can also be acquiried from streak bonuses and the Rapier.
      • Streaks:

        • Players with 3 or more win streaks will gain a percentage of their winnings as a bonus.
        • Opponents will gain bonus rating if they defeat a player who is on a 3 or higher streak.
        • Streak points will be rewarded as bonus pool points.


        • The player with the Rapier will receive a bonus 10 rating per win.
        • If the player loses a game, he will lose 10 rating and the Rapier will drop.
        • When the rapier is unclaimed, anyone except the last Rapier holder can take it using the .take command.
        • The .rapier command will show who currently holds the Rapier.
        • If you hold the Rapier and do not play for more than 24 hours, the Rapier will drop.

      How do warns work?

      • Warns are our way of punishing players, you can be warned from being truant, game ruining, poor attitude, etc.
      • Warns decrease at a rate of 0.05 warns per game (0.10 for donors).
      • If you exceed 20 warns, you will be timebanned for 12 hours per exceeded warn.

      How do reports work?

      • Players can report other players in their game for any reason they choose.
      • Each player starts with 5 reports, and gains 0.50 reports per game played.
      • Reports only count once per game, regardless of how many times the player is reported.
      • If a player is excessively reported over the course of his game history, he will receive 4 warns.

      How can I report players?

      • You can report players while you are in the game with them by right-clicking their name and clicking Report. (Image)

      How does the bonus pool work?

      • The bonus pool is designed to reward players who actively play games. Players receive 12 bonus pool points per day, up to 50 points.
      • Upon winning a game, 20% of the rating won from the game will be removed from your bonus pool and added to your active rating.
      • Streak bonuses are also applied to your bonus pool.
      • Each player starts with 50 bonus pool points.

      How can I play with friends?

      • The only way to play with friends on your team in an individual league is by captaining either a Player Draft or Challenge game.
      • For team leagues, you can create a team with at least 5 players, and join a team league to play against another team.

      How can I ignore annoying players?

      • Players can be permanently ignored by going to the Misc tab in the client, selecting Ignore List, and adding their name to the list.