NOTE: Old Donors

    Old donations are not valid in the new client.
    Donations help support the maintenance and development of IXDL. Any amount is greatly appreciated. For $10.00, donors will receive these benefits:

    • Double warn decay per game (-0.10 warns per game)
    • Custom chat color (can be changed anytime)
    • Custom chat icon (can only be set once)
    • Stat reset (limit: once per month)
    • Rename (limit: once per month)
    • Forbid list (Automatically forbids whoever is on your list)
    • Player notes feature
    • Auto-sign feature
    • Emoticons
    Being a donor does not grant you immunity from being forbidden, ignored, warned, or unvouched from leagues. Donating also does not earn you a vouch, trial vouch or an untimeban.

    Donations can be made here to via PayPal.

    After the donation is complete, please email me at with your PayPal email address and IXDL Name confirming your donation.

    Users who wish to donate for prize pools can contact me on the forums here.